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Knights of Columbus

All Saint's Council 4240

Menomonee Falls, WI

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Charity Requests

The Charity Request Application Form (below) 

is for Council 4240 Members only

Charity Request Application


ALL Charities Requests are to be screened by the Charities Committee before they are presented to the membership for a vote. The Charities Committee meets during the regular monthly Officers Meeting which is normally held the second Tuesday of each month. Upon approval by the Charities Committee, the Requests are published in the next month’s Sentinel and then voted on that month by the membership. This protocol is outlined in the Council 4240 By-Laws. The publication requirement may only be waived by the Charities Committee. 

Completed forms can be submitted by email or mail (see Contact Us). The purpose of our Charities Fund is to support LOCAL Charities. It is prohibited from making donations directly to individuals.










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